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We are shopify ads expert who understand the algorithms of ranking higher and getting most ROI. As PPC specialists and ecommerce experts we design exclusive strategies to promote the ecommerce products on platforms such as google, amazon, facebook & bing. Each business has its own niche and its understanding gives us the leverage to serve our clients better – and we have!

Shopify Advertising Services

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At PayPerClickIQ a PPC audit, campaign setup and optimization are just some of the services we provide. We assist you with your entire PPC campaign, as well as your PPC advertisements, so you can focus on other things. When clients click on your PPC ad, we better manage and optimize your landing page where they can learn more about your products and services. Your eCommerce portal or website's landing page helps you attract customers by attracting real customers. Keywords and ad extensions are provided as well as data on the success of your campaign.

Google Search Ads

Our specific Online marketing initiatives are guided by search engine advertising to provide outcomes that are beneficial to you. Our dedicated Google Search Ads expert guarantee a scalable ads campaign.

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Google Display Ads

A plain image isn’t enough, when you're creating ads for your display network advertising campaign. If you're looking for something that's entertaining, interesting, and distinctive, then PayPerClickIQ is the right solution for you.

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Google Shopping Ads

Our team of experts’ custom-tailors’ campaigns to maximize effectiveness and return on investment. Google Shopping ads for Shopify improves your brand's visibility on Google and can generate highly qualified leads to your website.

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Youtube Video Ads

As a dedicated YouTube Video ads expert for Shopify, we tap into virgin opportunities. A business's brand exposure, lead generation, and revenue may all be improved by using YouTube, the world's second-largest search engine.

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Google Gmail Ads

At PayPerClickIQ we cater specific Shopify Gmail Ads solution that result in maximum returns. We provide a variety of options and services to match your Gmail Ads campaign.

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ReMarketing Ads

PayPerClickIQ offers a Shopify Remarketing Ads solution, which is a great tool for boosting income and developing your business. 70 percent more individuals are likely to convert after seeing retargeted advertisements.

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What We Do

Shopify Marketing Agency

When it comes to PayPerClickIQ, we place an emphasis on customer discovery and Brand Alignment (creating brand awareness), as well as on creating more effective advertisements and landing pages that convert more visitors into customers. We also manage and advise the creation of an easily navigable landing pages. We are a dedicated Shopify Ads Agency partnered with Google to deliver the best result.

Shopify Products Promotion

  • Successful Sales Funnel

    Using a customized PPC strategy to create trust and develop a relationship with prospects, guides them through a sales funnel. Fresh material, professional pictures, video, podcasts, and blogs on a website. Google and other search engines should make it easy for clients to locate you, and that is what we aim at, getting the most out of these platforms. A favorable, trustworthy impression of an organization's website. eCommerce sites should make it as simple as possible for customers to make purchases.

  • Data Driven Strategies

    Our team of PPC specialists can assist you in growing your business. Contact us to learn more. Increase your store's sales and conversion rates by using our Shopify PPC specialists and Nth of hours of eCommerce development expertise. Artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning tests allow us to create outcomes based on facts rather than guessing.

  • One Stop Solution

    You want a complete solution when it comes to ecommerce PPC management. You don't want to be bouncing between agencies, trying to recall their plans and duties. Our services include everything you've ever wanted in a PPC provider, PayPaerClickIQ gives you everything you've ever wanted in a PPC service provider. Contact us online to speak with a professional strategist about our ecommerce PPC management services, or get a free assessment of your ecommerce PPC campaign.

Shopify Facebook & Instagram Marketing Expert

Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform and Facebook & Instagram marketing expert that provides professional service to help customers build their shopify store, grow their business, develop the website traffic, increase sales, and achieve online success.

Are you looking for a company who can help you setup an eCommerce stores on Shopify? Are you having problems to grow your revenue with your Shopify store? Do you want to be able to replicate the success of major online retailers & eCommerce brands? If so, then we are here for you! We have expert team who will help you setup your shopify store and also work on promoting it so that you can start increasing revenues.

Whether it is creating a Facebook & Instagram fan page for your customers or managing the social media marketing campaign and sales strategy, we are here to help you. Since 2013 we have been helping shopify store owners get their business up and running on Shopify platform.

Our shopify team is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of setting up an eCommerce store with Shopify. Therefore we can help you integrate your Facebook & Instagram account and create a beautiful store. We will also work together with you to develop marketing strategy that will convert visitors into leads, leads into sales, and increase your revenue from Facebook & Instagram.

  • Benefits Of Using Facebook & Instagram Marketplace For Business

    - Boost brand awareness by reaching Facebook users in your preferred geographic location

    - Sell products and services to people nearby with a similar demographic, psychographic and behavioral profile

    - Better visibility for local businesses on Facebook as Marketplace posts are more likely to show at the top of News Feed than standard posts

    - Reach younger Facebook audience via Instagram integration (Instagram launched in 2010, at least 30% of US Facebook users are aged 18-29)

    - Reach shoppers on mobile (52% of digital media time spent by Americans is via a smartphone or tablet; 51% o f sales conducted online happen on mobile devices)

    - Gain insight into consumer behavior by using Facebook Business Tools like Page Analytics , Page Insights , Apps Manager and APIs to unearth valuable information about your target audience. The data you gather will help you better optimize your Facebook posts, ads and store to drive more targeted traffic

    - Drive app installs vs Instagram (Facebook handles 2 billion daily video views across all its platforms and Instagram leads the charge with 600 million monthly video views; Facebook is also the top direct response social network for mobile devices, according to Smart Insights)

    - Create posts using your Facebook Page Publishing Tools and Instagram (Facebook has more monthly users than any other social network; and Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks with approximately 300 million active monthly users)

    - Optimize your presence on Facebook by creating a Fan Page and use the free tools for easy, effective engagement

    - Go local with Facebook Business Pages and Instagram (Facebook has over 1 billion users; 67% of online adults use Facebook to connect with their favorite brands; 30 million small businesses are active on Facebook)

    - Engage customers (in real-time and through email) while they browse your store by using remarketing technology (is a great way for retailers to stay top-of-mind with shoppers who have previously visited their websites — Google AdWords remarketing ads help you reach people who have previously visited your website by retargeting them or showing relevant ads in other places theyre browsing online)

    - Track performance and reach of your Facebook ad campaigns with the wide range of free analytics tools for Facebook Ads (Facebook offers detailed data on its reporting dashboard)

    - Generate leads from website visitors that come to your site from Facebook Ads (Facebook has over 1 billion active users)

    - Create a targeted audience for ad campaigns using advanced demographic information including age, gender, location and interests (Facebook offers detailed data on its reporting dashboard)

    - Engage customers in real-time on Facebook using Messenger, Grow your customer base by building an email list through social media engagement (Facebook has over 1 billion active users, half of which are mobile-only)

    - Drive traffic to your website or store using sponsored ads on Facebook (Facebook has more than 1 billion active users)

    - Drive sales with in-store ads to customers who have previously visited your website by retargeting them with Facebook Ads (Facebook has over 1 billion active users)

  • Why You need to Hire a Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert Consultant:

    Marketing is one stop solution. If you are a store owner, and need to scale your business, then marketing through social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram is a very cost-effective way to reach the target audience.

    You have added products on Facebook Page or Instagram account. It's not enough for selling purpose. You need more space on their (Facebook & Instagram) platform to market your products in better way!

    Now the question is that who will do this for your business?

    To maximize oberlo & facebook ads dropshipping sales, there's a need to hire a professional consultant or agency. If you are struggling with Facebook & Instagram marketing of your e-commerce store and want things to work properly, then you need to hire a consultant.

    A Facebook and Instagram Marketing Consultant is the one who has specialized knowledge of Facebook's advertising platform, Instagram marketing strategies, and how you can utilize both channels in your online store in a more efficient manner. We will create geographical targeting for new trademarks or products in the market place while getting rid of your competition.

    Businesses who have hired a consultant or an agency for their Facebook and Instagram marketing needs are more successful than businesses who do it themselves.

  • Here Are Some Benefits of Hiring A Professional Consultant For Your Business:

    Well, if you wish to save your time and efforts that you may invest in learning the platform, then hiring someone is truly a great option. It can also be cost-effective in the long run

    Here Are Some Key Features A Facebook Instagram Marketing Consultant Should Have:

    1) Good knowledge of all the latest features available on both platforms (Facebook and Instagram)
    2) Has marketing experience for small businesses, e-commerce stores like yours
    3) Has the knowledge of sales funnel and marketing strategies
    4) Has great understanding of content creation, ad copy and testing
    5) Is familiar with all the latest tools and software (Facebook Power Editor, Instagram business profile etc.)

    Here Are Some Things You Can Expect From Your Facebook & Instagram Marketing Consultant:

    1) An increase in product or service sales
    2) A boost in brand awareness
    3) A wider audience contact
    4) Better geotargeting for your new trademark or product
    5) Increased sales of store merchandise
    6) An increase in followers on Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • How to Hit the Right Audience Through Targeted Geo-location Base:

    You need a professional consultant who has the knowledge of different target base for your industry.

    For example: If you are selling sports shoes, then you need to reach out people from New York City who have a high purchasing power or in other words, they have the ability of buying stuff.

    It's not enough if you just post about your product on Facebook & Instagram. There is a lot more you can do.

    Here Are Some Amazing Post Types A Professional Facebook & Instagram Marketing Consultant Would Help You With:

    1) Boosting Post This is one of the most common posts that people make on both Facebook and Instagram. It's basically used to reach a large number of audience at once with your products being featured in the cover photo or photo itself. It's a great way to let people know that you have something new to offer or some information they need to learn.

    2) Photo Collage This type of post is used when you want to showcase your products in one picture. You can even add different discounts on each product, or maybe a variety of sales that you are running. It's a very visually appealing post type that can keep your audience interested.

    3) Animated Image You can easily create an animated image on the power editor of Facebook and Instagram. This is a great way to bring more life into your content, so people can relate to your products better

    4) Fly In The Post A fly in the post is used to show different parts of your product in a playful manner. It's a great way to tell people how good the quality of your products are, because you can easily explain it with an image and have fun while doing it.

    5) How To Post This is a perfect post type for creating awareness about certain things related to your business. You can even ask your followers to participate in creating the post by telling them how you would like it to look or sound like.

    6) Location Based Post This type of posts is used when you want to reach people from a certain location with your products, so they can experience them firsthand. It can be done through many different ways including video or photos that are related to your products.

    7) Carousel Ads Facebook and Instagram carousel ads are used to showcase multiple products in one single ad. These ads are great because they can target a wider audience than just one person, like other standard size ads do. It's the perfect way for companies that sell different types of products at once or maybe have many different offers going on at the same time.

    8) Lead Generation Ads This is one of the most important types of ads that companies can use. These ads are normally used by digital marketers and lead generation specialists when they want to get people's attention towards certain products or services. A good Facebook and Instagram marketing consultant will help you create an amazing ad, so you can easily get more followers.

Bing ads for Shopify Store

As a Shopify store owner, you are probably well aware of both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Both platforms have their own features that make them an excellent platform for advertising purposes. However, if you don't self-publish your website's content directly to Facebook and aren't a large enough business to have a dedicated PPC campaign manager or agency, you may not be using the potential of Facebook and Google ads.

Since Bing brings in over 20 billion searches per month, this network can be a great place for all levels of eCommerce merchants to start advertising their products.

  • Reach Customers Who Aren't Searching For Your Products on Google

    Bing ads display only when the user types in a search query or clicks on the paid ads. Google displays their ads based on keywords, ad groups, and campaigns as well as user behavior. The advantage of this is that you can find customers who are already searching for your products unrelated to the keywords your business is bidding on; however, it also exposes you to greater risk of competition.

  • Why you should hire bing ads consultant expert for your shopfiy store?

    It has been observed that in the recent years, most of the business owners are moving towards the Bing Ads platform. However, many of them struggle to make the best use of that platform in order to achieve success. Even though, it is a powerful tool, most of them fail because they are not well-versed with the Bing Ads campaign procedure and optimization standards. In order to avoid such failures, a business owner needs to hire a bing ads expert for his Shopify store.
    Bing ads with its new updates has come up with a lot of advantages for shopify store owners. Bing is supported by Microsoft and this means it's going to have all those cool features that google adwords don't offer.
    Google AdWords has already made a huge impact on the internet advertising industry, but there are still some areas where Bing ads can be more effective. Bing Ads has a number of search related features that are only available on Bing and not on Google. So, you should hire bing ads expert to help you make the most out of it because this is a great way for your shopify store to become more visible to potential customers online.

Shopify Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Experts

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is an extremely effective way to market your Shopify store, and it should become a critical part of any eCommerce business marketing strategy.

PPC is a much different beast than search engine marketing (SEM). While SEM involves paying Google to feature your business at the top of their organic search results, PPC allows you to pay for ads that appear next to relevant search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. PPC allows you to get in front of consumers who are actually looking for your product or service—this type of advertising is much more focused than SEM.

We specialize in increasing your Shopify store’s conversion rates by developing effective PPC campaigns that will drive sales while minimizing costs.

Unlike other firms that lack the in-house resources to properly manage PPC, we provide our clients with dedicated account and management teams who are experienced both with Shopify and PPC. This allows us to fully optimize your campaigns, including ad copy and landing page design, to ensure that you get the biggest ROI while keeping costs in check. As a result of our expertise, we have years of experience in developing profitable Shopify PPC campaigns for businesses like yours.

contact us today and get started with one our free consultations.