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PayPerClickIQ is a PPC advertising firm that assists businesses in reaching their full potential by creating and implementing innovative Pay Per Click advertising strategy. We have discovered exclusive and customized approach to each of our clients through the years to transform their vision into action, performance, and scalable outcomes.


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Our most popular services include an in-depth one time audit and a powerful setup of the ads campaign. Our expert ads management ensures high quality analysis in regular intervals and has a data-driven prioritization, thus produce pure performance with high ROI.

Google Search Ads

Implement and organize your PPC ads professionally to bring pre-qualified customers onto your website. We focus around getting your website more visible when people find a relevant product/service on a search engine.

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Google Display Ads

We offer businesses to display their ads on a variety of platforms to improve brand awareness, engagement, and lead conversions. Your text, image, or video ads reach people who explore websites relevant to your product /service.

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Google Shopping Ads

We exhibit your e-commerce products on the top results when someone searches explicitly for it on Google. Make your shopping results even more noticeable for potential customers.

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Youtube Video Ads

Gain a competitive advantage to boost your brand and product awareness with cost-effective, carefully curated, and targeted video campaign ads on Youtube with six variants of Ad formats.

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Google Gmail Ads

Create expandable email-like interactive ads that are delivered straight to your customers' inbox, which lets you connect with them in a more personal space.

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ReMarketing Ads

Didn't get a visitor to buy your product the first time? Relax! With PayPerClickIQ, you can rest assured that your remarketing campaign fascinates and intrigue your earlier visitors to turn them into buying customers.

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What We Do

We solve digital marketing challenges

We help solve and assist our esteemed clientele to achieve solid goals and have a digital solution to all their marketing challenges. We use the power of the sophisticated search mechanism of Google Ad Manager other prolific industry tools. We are proud of our objective to promote individuals and businesses to run some of the world's most extensive digital marketing campaigns efficiently across multiple search engines and social media platforms.

Google Shopping Ads Expert

  • Better Audiences

    At PayPerClickIQ we have an extensive database of users and our exclusive research and study over their behavior have earned us custom variables to build custom analytical metrics. These metrics are capable enough to turn a campaign to generate greater quality traffic or leads, eventually this means also helps to drive business growth by attracting better responsive audience. A successful Local Google Service Ads also need to revolve around these target audience so as to deliver an outstanding customer experience that converts to sales.

  • Better Analytics

    Data is gold! Every little statistic and analytical data can be used to generate revenue. Our insight report not only serves as a document but as a tool, in addition to the industry tools which we implement to generate these reports. These insights hence develop better strategies and ads campaign, also create improved actionable prospects.

  • Better Outcomes

    As a dedicated and certified Google Top Ppc Services service and having years of experience as pay per click (PPC) advertisers, we have continuously driven successful results. These outcomes can be optimized with a comprehensively improved strategy, strong premeditated solutions, and performance-driven creative. The strategy thus developed further improves the performance of an ads campaign and increase the return on investments.

Leverage PPC Marketing and Take Advantage of Consumer Search Opportunities

At PayPerClickIQ, we are a Google ads certified partner with over 8 years experience as a PPC advertiser and thus a trustworthy pay per-click internet marketing leader. Our Top Google Ads Management company partners with different players and implement and install numerous dynamic marketing professional tools to increase website traffic and quality leads, raising brand awareness and achieving business specific objectives. Over the course so many years we have gained control of Google Ads Management and have successfully transformed many business brands and products.

We have hence developed our skills to achieve efficient Advertising Agency and the online success of our Google Ads Specialist marketing firm. Working with us guarantees results that are easy to measure and track, enables you to Works well with other marketing channels, and provides a wealth of useful data. And all this while are in full control with great targeting option and with more than productive contributions to your business goals

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Improve your ROI with scalable PPC marketing.

PayPerClickIQ is classified as one of the best Google Ads Service and Advertising On Social Media agency. With outstanding customer service combining performance, our Google Adwords Certified services are some of the best digital advertising in the market with a proven track record for hundreds of successful businesses. Our strategies to improve your ROI with scalable PPC marketing includes strategies such as:

Our Google campaign management works on maximum scalability of your campaign and in-turn generate a higher Return on Interest and is basically cost effective. In every step of the way, effectively every quarter, we make new strategies based on competition analysis to better assess the performance of your ads and then apply the adjustment to scale higher than the previous quarter.

  • Identifying the correct campaign prospects

    Researching the target audiences for your PPC ads can more effective, which in turn, means a better ROI.

  • Custom landing pages

    Specially-created landing page which are created or updated for every campaign.

  • Keyword Research for search and bidding

    Extensively researched keyword strategy based your historical data and on click-through rates, Quality Scores, & conversions.

  • Option for incorporating Automated Rules

    Running A/B tests, schedule ads in advance, adjust bids, pause keywords that have low performance or ads and control your overall budget of the campaign.

  • Monitoring share of impressions

    Constantly observing the impressions your ads receive against the anticipated number of impressions that your ads are eligible for. This allows adjustments to the campaign and reaching the right audience.

  • Change History Report

    Tracks changes made to the Google PPC campaign and other ads campaign and follow its effect the performance. Helps in making necessary changes.

  • Negative Keywords Listing

    Negative keywords research allows for better targeting the audience while preventing your advertisements to displaying to people who are more likely to not to convert.

  • Optimizing Ads Copy

    Your Google ads media are constantly optimized for better engagements from target audience and generating greater ROI.

  • Call To Action Tools

    Creating clear, concise and actionable CTA for ads and landing pages to generate more revenue and impressions from your Google PPC campaigns.

Beat your competitors by hiring the leading PPC agency.

Our Approach To Local Service Ads Service

Local Service Ads service with the advanced support of high-quality automation and an audience centered approach. Our experience with hundreds of Google AdWords accounts has provided us with the expertise to improve our strategies and implement the best suited campaigns for your products and services. Our Google campaign management relies on its extensive study of the audience of the internet world and has successfully been able to drive high quality traffic towards a particular website landing page or product.

  • Research & Discovery

    Of course it is all not us, we depend heavily on your insights, the details of your product and services that your offer, the audience that you wish to reach out to with the Media Agencies - PPC ads, and also the goals you want to achieve. Your understanding of your business is far greater, and we are here to listen to what you brief. The more you can give us to work the more you will be able to extract out of our Pay Per Click Advertisers service. Any and all insights and analytics about your business and audience are necessary for a successful Google ads PPC campaign & Ppc Advertiser.

  • Competitive Research

    It can be a tremendous benefit to understand how your competitors run their Google ad campaign. We will give you a comprehensive insight, regarding their keywords, and bids and their landing pages. We understand that a healthy competition only works in way to improve the standards of business. In this case with an extensive competitor analysis we can better prepare our PPC ads to reach out to the audience. Not only do we use the most sophisticated software to research and analyze the Google Ppc - digital advertising footprint of your campaigns, we broadly work towards improving and optimizing your ads campaign.

  • Complete Account Analysis

    One of the handiest tools at our disposal is your historical account data which is the most valuable asset available to us to work on. In search of valuable trends which guide our strategy, analyze this vast amount of data. Without a thorough historical and competitive analysis, Ad Makers Google Ads management simply does not work as efficiently as it should. We assist you or set up and execute the whole ads campaign, create landing pages, optimize contents, implement tracking tools all based on these historical data metrics. Thus, a thorough data analysis is necessary for increased ROI and better conversion rate.

  • Strategy & Campaign Build

    All our research and analysis are taken into consideration and transformed into an effective PPC strategy and campaign implementation. We build campaigns that maximize profitability and can scale with unmatched care and attention. While automated strategies help to make your strategy refined, little does it matter and live up against real knowledge of real people. Our dedicated Google adword specialst team - Google Local Service Ads with years of experience backing them, develop the most personalized tractics for your PPC ads campaign and thus ensuring you get the best of the Google ads pay per click cost.

  • Optimize, Grow, Repeat.

    Each Google Ads campaign is different and has different aim. We are here to put together a plan for your success. While your campaign generates more data and reports we constantly work on making changes on the ads campaign. Multiple ads are tested with A/B methods to determine which ads result in the highest conversion and click through. We develop landing pages, optimize contents and conduct tests that are the most effective. When the campaigns are thoroughly and analytically optimized, every customer who comes to us for adwords management - Ppc Management can see huge improvements in their ROI.

Google Shopping Feed Management (Products Lisitng Ads)

  • Shopping Feed Analysis

    Your data and product shopping feeds need to be optimized and formatted for convenient absorption by Google to take advantage of your Google Shopping campaign. Our Google Shopping experts are well aware of Google's requirements and thus conduct a thorough shopping feed analysis. From product titles to segmentation, our optimization efforts aims at raising the relevance and quality score ratings while connecting to your audience and in turn maximize conversions. The optimization of shopping feeds is a necessary factor resulting in increasing Google's visibility in the shopping landscape, and increasing return on investment (ROI).

  • Conversion Tracking

    Conversion monitoring is an integral part of the whole Google shopping ads management. Our team carries out conversion monitoring on your website, and ensure the correct implementation of the codes we send. We perform thorough tests to ensure that income and conversions are properly monitored if we take over existing campaigns where conversion tracking has already installed. In fact, we do not launch an ads campaign before we have sufficient data and that we have ensured proper installations of tracking tools; we collect reports and ensure that the conversion is adequate.

  • Product Segmentation

    We arrange your inventory to place bids using product segmentation instead of keywords in the ad group of a Shopping campaign. A product segment is just a separation of your stock, and all products in it are bid on the same basis. Product segmentation gives you more control by allowing you to group together products and manage them separately. It helps simplify the general management of campaigns and improve the performance of your campaigns by using product segmentation properly. Segmenting the product also helps to pursue performance objectives at a more granular level.

  • Bidding & Budget

    We know all the tips and tricks for making Google Shopping work for you and your business. As an experienced Google ads management service we have acquired the knowhow to implement correct bidding strategies to more productive campaigns and thus help you to set budget of the ads campaign. The skillful use of single product ad groups (SPAG) in our Google shopping management system provides an accurate, controlled bids structure for your products. We also conduct retargeting campaigns for clients that have shown an interest in your brand and products, and we work on reducing inefficient and waste of budget on non-productive keywords.


Efficient, Scalable, Future Proof

As white label Google ads management service - Brand Advertising, PayPerClick resolves to maximize visibility increase leads from the dedicated ads campaign. Our approach is completely transparent and helps you understand the knowledge behind the optimization of search engines. We can help you build a better-quality experience for your customers.

Our most efficient Advertising Agency Near Me & online advertising expert team creates the most efficient campaigns to derive the most out of it. Irrespective of the ultimate goal our ads campaign constantly works on generating great quality traffic and closing more sales.

As a dedicated Ppc Company PPC advertiser and a Google certified publisher partner, we through our vast experience with hundreds of our clients make your business future proof. We understand the need of effective advertisement and thus our PPC management experts, Ppc Agency continuously thrive on providing you an optimized ads campaign. We make sure that your brand of product and services are showcased to the right audience and leaves and impression in their mind which stays for a long time.

Our Proven Successful Strategies For Digital Marketing

As our sole goal at PayPerClickIQ, our PPC agency thrives on delivering the best possible advertising solutions to our clients. And to be completely able to fulfill that commitment we include the following values in our Google ads services and other PPC ads - Direct Mail Advertising.

Google Ads Certified Partner Agency

  • Provide Value

    As a primary goal we provide value to a business which in turn helps a business to provide value to its customers. In the form of information or tools that help it, consumers welcome the value of a brand.

  • Knowledge Is Power

    We provide knowledge in terms of insights and which are necessary to execute a Ads Company and Ads Media for your brand.

  • Personalization

    Our understanding of Ads Ppc, Global Social Ads services enables us to create business specific content for all our clients. We deliver a personalized brand ad that your target audience will engage to.

Reasons Why You Need Digital Agency Services

Our Certified PPC Experts help your customers find You

At Pay Per Click IQ (PPCIQ), we are experts in discovering and finding means of connecting you with your target audience, or more precisely, our strategies connect them to you. Hundreds of companies that have been served by us have had increased leads and conversion and at a much-reduced cost. Be a business of any size or niche we have successfully created productive campaigns for them on a regular basis, and this has been the basis of our high rate of client retention. Mainstay for our ad agency is our result-oriented approach. As a premier Google Adwords Management PPC advertisers we have been able to serve the clients with more than expected growth constantly.

As an experienced Google ads certified partner we provide the following
  • A Dedicated PPC Management

    Our Google Ads Customer Service PPC experts work to understand your brand and goals more effectively, but we not only improve your campaign, we also provide you with access to our specialized, in-house team to respond to all your queries and issues.

  • A Productive & Comprehensive Audit

    As we have one of the Top Advertising Agencies top ads specialist team, we understand the importance of data analytics and developing productive strategies around it. Our full-service digital advertising agency Ppc In Digital Marketing, ensures complete audit of your campaigns and also implement conversion tracking tools. We optimize your campaign on the basis of this reports and comprehensive audits.

  • Customized Reporting

    Our creative advertising agency Google Ads Ppc has a customized reporting system in place for all its campaign which can be viewed by the clients anywhere and anytime. You get a complete transparent report on the history of the campaigns, into optimizations and valuable metrics necessary for your to understand the performance of the campaign.

  • All Round Solution

    We use solutions from third parties to guarantee we generate quality leads. Each campaign is divided into segments for you to understand your audience.

  • eCommerce Ads Experts

    We are one of the preferred ecommerce advertising agency, and have helped grow hundreds of brands whether it is big or small, with better insights and detailed analysis. Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Squarespace, PrestaShop, Volusion, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Etsy

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