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Why Choose PPCIQ

We are the Google Partner Agency with 8+ years of experience in achieving satisfactory lead, sales, and ROI for our global clients. Our dedicated team of Google Ads Management is committed to developing your online business in the most productive, effective, and functional way possible. Our PayPerClick service pricing depends upon the time and resources needed, regardless of certain activities. Contact us if you want to explore more about what our Google Ads specialists can do to boost your business.

Ad Strategy and Optimization:

Having a great approach is the core of a thriving PPC marketing campaign. We examine all the strategic and optimization metrics effectively that are involved in our client's project.

Maximize ROI:

Our Google Ads experts identify and employ the potential KPIs into your advertising model to ensure that every cent spent on your PPC advertising achieves the highest possible ROI.

Accelerate Growth:

The next measure for a successful PPC campaign is durable scaling. We distinguish precisely how to scale your marketing campaigns while maintaining an adequate ROI for accelerated expansion.

Facebook Ads Service

PPC (Pay Per Click) FB Ads Campaign Management

  • Free Facebook Ads audit
  • Business Specific Success Strategy & Goal
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization
  • Setup Ad Campaign (Custom Audience & Catalogue)
  • Highly Effective Text, Banner & Shopping Ads
  • Setup Conversion Code (Call Tracking, Purchase, Form Sign up)
  • Testing & Optimization
  • And many more from a Google Ads Expert
  • Weekly Reporting
What We Do

How can Facebook Ads help your business?

Facebook is, by far, the most prominent social network with 2 billion active users each day. It presents the most economical Ad engine to expand your exposure to potential buyers, making it ideal for Small- to Mid-level businesses. Our team of Facebook Advertising experts ensures that your commercials are manifested in front of the right users at the appropriate time and assists in increasing conversions and generating sales. With such a large userbase, you can almost assure that most of your target customers are already using it, waiting for your advertising. The Facebook Ad engine employs a highly targeted system that can peruse your customers through their location, age range, budget, interests, and more. Suffice to say that you should be there using it to transform your business.

Ad Copy: We implement an accurate ad copy, which resonates with likely buyers.

Imagery: We choose the right imagery to create a longlasting impression and convert leads into sales.

A/B Testing: We test content, imagery, and customers to guarantee your campaigns deliver exceptional results.

Pixel Installation: We make sure that your Facebook pixel is installed correctly to track events accurately.

Budget: We handle your spending to achieve the highest possible ROAS.

Campaign Setup: Whether it's concerning the right goal or choosing the target audience, we maintain your campaign from beginning to end.

Reporting:We uncover necessary insights through analyzing and tracking your Facebook ad accounts.

Facebook Ads Expert Company

  • Lead Generation:

    Facebook Lead Ads started in 2015, and they are one of the most productive ways to produce leads. Eliminating the requirement for a landing page, lead ads enable you to retain visitors on Facebook while collecting valuable information such as their names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

  • Messenger Ads:

    Facebook Messenger is an integral part of the social network. More than a billion active users use the messenger every month. With so many people, it was only a matter of time before Facebook proposed a system for businesses to capitalize on this traffic to start generating revenue.

  • Dynamic Product Ads:

    Dynamic Product Ads are one of the most effective techniques for E-Commerce companies to increase their Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). If you've ever been on Amazon, searched for a specific product, and then went back to Facebook, you might have noticed that you immediately get the exact product's ad you were searching for.

  • Facebook Remarketing:

    It is one of the most productive means of advertisement to produce a meaningful impression on the market, and it can deliver instant results. A prospective buyer who has already visited your site or interact with your ad is 70% more prone to convert and buy the product.

  • We manage the whole marketing spectrum;

    All of our Facebook ads services are meant to improve your business growth. We design ad copy, perform A/B testing, draft abandoned cart emails, take advantage of Facebook Ads, and strive to drive more sales.


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