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Why Choose PPCIQ

We are the Google Partner Agency with 8+ years of experience in achieving satisfactory lead, sales, and ROI for our global clients. Our dedicated team of Google Ads Management is committed to developing your online business in the most productive, effective, and functional way possible. Our PayPerClick service pricing depends upon the time and resources needed, regardless of certain activities. Contact us if you want to explore more about what our Google Ads specialists can do to boost your business.

Ad Strategy and Optimization:

Having a great approach is the core of a thriving PPC marketing campaign. We examine all the strategic and optimization metrics effectively that are involved in our client's project.

Maximize ROI:

Our Google Ads experts identify and employ the potential KPIs into your advertising model to ensure that every cent spent on your PPC advertising achieves the highest possible ROI.

Accelerate Growth:

The next measure for a successful PPC campaign is durable scaling. We distinguish precisely how to scale your marketing campaigns while maintaining an adequate ROI for accelerated expansion.

Amazon Ads Service

PPC (Pay Per Click) Amazon Ads Campaign Management

  • Free Amazon Ads audit
  • Business Specific Success Strategy & Goal
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Products Optimization
  • Setup Ad Campaign (Keywords & Display)
  • Highly Effective Products, Banner & Video Ads
  • Testing & Optimization
  • And many more from a Google Ads Expert
  • Weekly Reporting
What We Do

How Can Amazon Advertising Benefit Your Business?

Amazon managed to be an uncomplicated version of Google Ads; however, recent improvements enabled Amazon Ads to have unique advanced capabilities. PayPerClickIQ performs a keyword, product, and display advertising available through Amazon Marketing Services. We incorporate a consultative method for both short-term and long-term rendering at all steps of the marketing funnel.

Companies who want to gain more visibility on Amazon's products can pay for these positions by bidding on specific keywords, which leads to higher visibility in the Amazon search. We promote as Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products Ads, and Sponsored Brands Ads in front of the potential customers on the platform.

Amazon Expert Company

  • Product Display Ads:

    Maximize the visibility of specific product listings and utilize product- or interest-based targeting.

  • Sponsored Products Ads:

    Promote your favorite product listings and target customers on Amazon.

  • Sponsored Brands:

    Feature products of your preference, along with your logo and trendy headline, to raise awareness for your brand and product offerings.

  • Amazon Advertising

    Advertising on Amazon is an effortless process for your business to promote your listings. Ads run right where shoppers notice them, the first page of search results or product detail pages, for instance. You can place bids on appropriate keywords, and if your bid wins and your ad suits the search phrase, your product gets advertised to shoppers. Such ads can bring your products to fresh viewers and assist you in maximizing your sales.


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